Anger is very very powerful and very very very dangerous emotion. The moment you are angry you are almost lost. There are of course so many reasons so many circumstances that makes a person angry, but one should be strong enough to control anger. Yes if a person is angry that means he is weak person but not a strong one because in spite of knowing it very well that anger is not good for him/her, he/she is still angry. One should control anger. One should at least try to control anger. This is very important.

Sometimes i see people angry but they are angry because they are innocent and helpless.

Friends, you might have seen that whenever you are angry you speak loudly very very loudy, shouting very loudy, why so? you are sitting very close to that person,  still you speak loudly. Isn't it strange? No it is not strange at all. It is because, because you don't know rather don't imagine what you are doing. You should talk normally, gently and control on yourself. It's very simple. Try it. You should understand it (try to understand it). Control your anger. Be happy. Thank God for everything. Try to be polite. Anger is not good.

Control your anger, before it controls you.

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