Back up of my mind's knowledge about networking lol

Hi guest.
Just wanted to write a bit  about networking of two computers, though i ain't a engineer, but still,
let's read
Networking made simple
My Computer-> Properties-> Computer Name-> drharkawal1 for first computer
and drharkawal2 for second computer
In Windows 7-> Computer name, domain and workgroup settings-> change settings->system properties-> change-> computer name and workgroup
Get one thing very clear->
the name of computers should be different e.g harkawal1 for first computer and drharkawal2 for second computer,
and the workgroup should be same for both computers. this is very important.
Now we need crossover cable (ethernet)
we can get it very easily from computer shop.
Now connect the crossover cable in both computers.
Now go to network connections-> LAN(local area network)-> properties-> tcp/ip->
{{{{ although it is automated process, but still if things are not perfect-> go to tcp/ip-> use the following ip address->}}}}
fill ip address 
for second computer

(***.*** means 3 digits of your choice)
subnet mask or default should be okay
the subnet mask should be the same in both computers. 
this is very important.
now restart both the computers and things should be good enough for networking of two computers.
This was for networking of two computer.
when i will buy third computer then probably i would be able to write about networking of more than two computers. lol
Thanks and regards
Dr. Harkawal
June 2, 2010

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any harm to your computer after reading this article and following it practically. i am not Engineer. I have written this article just for my knowlegde and my mind's back up about networking. Practically follow it entirely at your risk. Thanks.
In case of any queries, you can leave a comment.
I love answering the questions.

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  1. hi doc.
    nice article.
    thanks for sharing.
    i'll try to network my pc and laptop.

  2. Thanks John for having a look at my article.
    Yes, you try this and let me know if found helpful.
    Dr. Harkawal


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