About Railway Price Hike

The railway passenger price hike according to me is no doubt the right decision although it is a very tough  decision.

I support the railway passenger price hike decision, i think in the long run it will no doubt be very very beneficial for all the people. To provide us the better railway services, this hike was an important step. Now the railway department will be able to provide excellent railway services and i think peple should support it and should not criticise it.

If we really want to get better railway services, we should definitely support this decision of hike of the railway passenger fare by 14.2% in all the classes, and freight fare hike by 6.5%
This is very right decision and timely decision accrding to me.

Today morning i was travelling in the train from Ludhiana to New Delhi and i met a few people in the train and we people were discussing on this topic, and few people said this hike in the fare is not at all acceptable to them, but i said we should support this decision and not criticise it, and i told them that Definitely the fare will increase but we can expect much better services also and i am very sure that in the coming times, we will definitely no doubt have wonderful railway services. I am happy that i was very much successful to convince a few people.

Thanks and Regards Dr. Harkawal


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