About Budget 2014-15

As per me, This is an Excellent budget ! Everything happened as per our expections !  The budget shows the clear vision. I think, It is really good for all class of people. What say?
 Television, computer, Mobiles and laptops will be cheaper. This is really good and very very important as well. Now people would be able to better afford it. Ultimately good for people.
 LED Tv's (below 19 inches) will be cheaper. Again this is very good.
 Foot wear will be cheaper. Again very good for people.
 Now gutka, tobacco, cigarettes are going to be costlier. This is again good, because cigarette smoking, tobacco, gutka etc as everyone knows are very injurious to health so if these things will be costlier, people will definitely consume these things very less. Ultimately good for people.
Overall a very very good budget !
Thanks and Regards
Dr. Harkawal

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