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Just wanted to write a bit about learning/improving english.

Though I ain't a teacher, but still... anyways.

Lets read

Learning english is very easy. If you want to learn english, You can certainly do it.

To learn english without any teacher, Do the following. This is very economic. Anyone can do it.

Get a Newspaper. Get a Dictionary ( From english to hindi or english to punjabi or english to the language you understand).
Now start from the first line of the newspaper. Read it. Speak the line you read. Find the dictionary meaning of the word in the line which you do not know or understand.

Now after understanding the meaning of that, if possible write it on your copybook. So that next time when you read the same word, you can find reference from your copy book in case you forgot the meaning. 

Now read the next line and do the same as explained above for all the text in the newspaper.

Next step: Get another newspaper and do the same steps as explained.

This way continuosly do the same. 

You will learn a lot of English.

Speaking english is very important. You should try to speak more and more English.

If possible Record your voice when you speak english and then listen it for errors. You will get to know about the errors and then you can resolve it.

Most Important: Have patience. It takes time. Always remember the famous quote " rome was not built in a day."
Not only newspaper; you can read good english books, watch english serials in television.

Newspaper is just an example.

That's all for now.

In case of any queries, you can leave a comment.

I love answering the questions.

Thanks and Regards
Dr. Harkawal Jeet Singh
June 17, 2010

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